ACSA set to take us to the skies at the 2014 Cape Town Carnival

On the 15th March 2014 the Airports Company of South Africa, Cape Town International Airport (ACSA CTIA) will be joining the city’s residents and visitors at the 5th annual Cape Town Carnival! ACSA contributed R250 000.00 towards the design and construction of a (spectacular) float, as well as the costume design and festival dance coaching for the Flamenco dancing girls of Zonnebloem High School. In doing so, ACSA is contributing towards the carnival and subsequently helping with youth skills development and the creation of a variety of jobs.

The Carnival’s elements of the celebration of culture, diversity and uplifting communities are the back bone to ACSA’s Corporate Social Investment values and belief systems. The Carnival empowers unskilled and unemployed youth by providing them with the necessary skills they need to enter the job market.

“The airport looks at initiatives which are sustainable and empowering to communities surrounding the airport. Our business is not only about airports – it’s about giving back to our communities. So, as an airport operator, contributing toward the development and sustainability of our communities is very important to us.” said Deidre Davids, Communications Manager at Cape Town International Airport. “Through this donation we are also contributing towards skills development for unemployed youths for the months leading up to the festival – through costume design and the building of the float, skills which will come in handy are being transferred to a number of youth in Cape Town,” added Davids.

The airport has an annual CSI budget which focuses on youth development, community development, enterprise development, mobility and education within Cape Town. This includes the educational initiatives, which rewards seven schools each year who are within the airport’s vicinity who had the highest Matric pass rate.

IMG 4728 300x200 ACSA set to take us to the skies at the 2014 Cape Town Carnival

The key flagship projects for the airport are TRAC Western Cape (Technology Research Activity Centre) which focuses on improving disadvantaged school’s Math and Science marks for learners in Grade 11 and 12. Heart Capital – a Social Enterprise accelerator that helps the youth become entrepreneurs. Learn to Earn – an organisation that teaches unemployed youth skills that will help them get jobs or open their own business. Last but not least, Beyond Education initiative, a Recycle Swop Shop, a place where children can swap bags of recyclable items for essentials such as books, pens, clothing, shoes, toiletries and deodorants.

“The upliftment of the airport’s immediate surrounding communities is important to us and in achieving this we have to ensure that whatever support we give leads to self-reliant and sustainable projects which benefits the people living in these communities,” concluded Davids.

ACSA’s float is sure to be a major highlight at this year’s carnival. The design is top secret and will remain a surprise until it takes to the skies on the fan walk 15 March 2014!


Tsogo Sun to lead the way at this year’s Cape Town Carnival

It’s not long till Cape Town’s biggest, brightest and boldest street carnival bursts onto the Fan Walk in Green Point! The much anticipated Cape Town Carnival is an annual event that captivates Mother City residents and visitors with a showcase of magnificent large scale floats, outrageous costumes, and impressively choreographed dance routines.

The flagship African Dream Doll sponsored by Tsogo Sun & designed by Angela McPherson is a towering 6m tall multi-coloured puppet figure in the hues of the rainbow nation, welcoming everyone to Cape Town and to Carnival 2014. Angela wanted to create a float that embodies the core characteristics of the Tsogo Sun brand; leadership, passion, variety, seduction and energy.

Cape Town Carnival 2014 African Dream Doll Design by Angela Mac Pherson 560x1024 164x300 Tsogo Sun to lead the way at this year’s Cape Town Carnival

The Tsogo Sun marketing team has been very involved with the creation of the float and wanted to make sure that the float design represented the core values of the brand. “We are so happy that the African Dream Doll depicts what Tsogo Sun is about” said John van Rooyen, Operations Director for Tsogo Sun Hotels, Cape Region.

“It’s extremely exciting for Tsogo Sun to be involved in this year’s Cape Town Carnival” said van Rooyen. “It only started four or five years ago in Cape Town but we saw the potential of the Cape Town Carnival going forward in terms of tourists visiting Cape Town. We all share the same agenda and that is to try make Cape Town a better destination than it already is.”

Tsogo Sun wants to see the Cape Town Carnival turn into an event much like the Cape Argus and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. “ We want to try get more visitors to Cape Town to take part in an event like the Cape Town Carnival, getting more people to come to Cape Town and making it a better tourist destination.” Added van Rooyen.

photo9 1024x945 300x276 Tsogo Sun to lead the way at this year’s Cape Town Carnival

This year’s Carnival floats, gadgets and mad machines will combine with eye-popping costume designs and the energy of 47 community performance groups to bring Cape Town and the world the best Cape Town Carnival ever. Cape Town Carnival 2014 promises a creative explosion that will expand people’s ideas of what we’re capable of together ~ don’t miss it! Be part of it.

Take a look at our interview with John van Rooyen, Operations Director for Tsogo Sun Hotels, Cape Region:

Cape Town Carnival – 15 March 2014 – Fan Walk, Somerset Road, Green Point
Cape Town Carnival –
Tsogo Sun –


DHL To Go Around The World At The Cape Town Carnival 2014

Inspired by the various 2014 World Design Capital activities, DHL Express South Africa will be participating in the 5th annual Cape Town Carnival, which takes place in March 2014. Over the last couple of weeks DHL has been working with children’s non-profit organization Project Playground to design their float for the big day. Project Playground is situated in Langa, Cape Town, aims to provide children with a better future through educational after-school activities.

Sumesh Rahavendra, Head of Marketing for DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa, says that the company leapt at the opportunity to put an original spin on their float for the Cape Town Carnival by harnessing the creative and imaginative minds of the children from Project Playground, a cause that they are actively involved in.

DHL Project Playground 300x200 DHL To Go Around The World At The Cape Town Carnival 2014

DHL is an official sponsor for Project Playground – a safe platform where children are given the opportunity to develop self-esteem, ambition and belief in the future through after school activities –supports the organization in various ways, from in-kind sponsorship to vocational training and internships for scholars with the view of adding long term value by up-skilling and enabling employment opportunities.

DHL Project Playground 1 300x199 DHL To Go Around The World At The Cape Town Carnival 2014

The children from Project Playground were all asked to submit design ideas for the float in line with this year’s Cape Town Carnival theme of Imagine. Elements from various children’s designs were then incorporated into the final design which will feature a borderless world. The idea behind the design is that DHL helps us all connect so there are no boundaries. The children will also be involved in decorating and on the carnival day ride the float down the fan walk with DHL employees.

DHL Project Playground Artwork submissions 300x208 DHL To Go Around The World At The Cape Town Carnival 2014

“We see the Cape Town Carnival design project as a viable opportunity to inspire the children, and hope that this creative and fully comprehensive process, from initial design through to the final product, will motivate the children involved to pursue similar career options in the future,” says Rahavendra.

Take a look at our interview with Charles Brewer, MD of DHL Sub-Saharan Africa:

Cape Town Carnival – 15 March 2014 – Fan Walk, Somerset Road, Green Point
Cape Town Carnival –

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